About Shoppe

Shoppe is a Rails engine which provides all the functionality need to build an e-commerce site using Ruby on Rails. It has been developed out of the need for a solid and reliable platform to sell physical goods for a small company in the United Kingdom.

Who should use Shoppe?

Shoppe is a tool for developers who need to develop a shop. To get up and running there is a requirement to build a Rails application to handle your store's customer interaction. We recommend you have some experience with Ruby on Rails before getting started however our tutorials will help Rails beginners get up and running a few hours (or less).

What's with the name?

Shoppe is a deliberately archaized spelling of Shop and it pronouced in exactly the same way. We often hear people referring to Shoppe as "shop-y" which is wrong - please don't do that.

The core team

There isn't much of a team at present. To date, Shoppe has been pretty much entirely developed by Adam Cooke, a UK-based Ruby on Rails developer who runs a few companies in the UK, including Viaduct & aTech Media. Hopefully over time, the team list below will grow as the core team expands.