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Part of the Getting Started with Shoppe series

Getting Started with Shoppe

This series of tutorials will guide you through building an entire (albeit basic) store using Shoppe. It will cover getting up and running, displaying your catalog as well as the whole order flow process.

In this tutorial, we're going to set up Shoppe from scratch into a brand new Rails application. We're assuming that you have Rails, Ruby, RubyGems & Bundler installed at their latest versions. This guide was produced using Rails 4.0.1 & Ruby 2.0.

During this tutorial, we will execute commands such as rails or rake. You may find you need to prefix these commands with bundle exec depending on your local system setup.

The final appication built in this tutorial is available on GitHub. If you get stuck or need further information, this would be an excellent place to download a working copy of the application.