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Part of the Getting Started with Shoppe series

Building your product catalog

One of the first things every shop needs is a way to display its catalog to visitors.

To begin we will go ahead and create a controller which will be used to display our products to our customers. All product information is stored and managed by Shoppe through its admin interface.

$ rails generate controller products

Now we need to route some requests to the controller. Head over to your config/routes.rb file and add the following routes.


get "product/:permalink", to: "products#show", as: "product"
post "product/:permalink", to: "products#buy", as: "buy"
root to: "products#index"

Let's now go and add some methods to our ProductsController to get some data.


class ProductsController < ApplicationController

  def index
    @products = Shoppe::Product.root.ordered.includes(:product_categories, :variants)
    @products = @products.group_by(&:product_category)

  def show
    @product = Shoppe::Product.root.find_by_permalink(params[:permalink])


In the index method we are getting all our products and grouping them by their category. In the show method we are just getting a single product based on its permalink.

We should now go and create some views to show this information. Firstly, let's create a view for our product list. Go and add the following into app/views/products/index.html.erb.



<% @products.each do |category, products| %>
  <h3><%= %></h3>
    <% products.each do |product| %>
      <h4><%= link_to, product_path(product.permalink) %></h4>
      <p><%= product.short_description %></p>
      <p><b>Price:</b> <%= number_to_currency product.price %></p>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

If you now take a look at http://localhost:3000 (when your server is running), you'll see a list of products along with a short description and a price for the product. Clicking on the product, will take you the product's show action.


We'll now add a view for the product show action.


<h2><%= %></h2>

<% if @product.default_image %>
  <%= image_tag @product.default_image.path, :width => '200px', :style => "float:right" %>
<% end %>

<p><%= @product.short_description %></p>
  <b><%= number_to_currency @product.price %></b>
  <%= link_to "Add to basket", product_path(@product.permalink), :method => :post %>

<%= simple_format @product.description %>

<p><%= link_to "Back to list", root_path %></p>

If you click on one of the products in the list, you should now see some information about the product along with it's image and a link for adding it to your basket.


Further techniques

  • Display products based on their 'featured' boolean
  • Display products within their categories
  • Display stock information along with orders